Prox Biosciences

We design and develop new therapeutics for a range of devastating and debilitating diseases, like lung cancer and Crohn’s disease. We use a mix of high-throughput computational and experimental tools to build targeted, injectable biologics. Our initial scientific focus is on two cell types responsible for how we initiate and sustain immunity.

We’re building a sustainable, efficient drug hunting team to do great translational science. We’re fiercely diligent, radically urgent, and put people first.

Prox was founded in 2024 by awesome immunologists and antibody engineers across UCSF, Alloy, Stanford, Penn, and MIT. You can find us in person at LabCentral in Kendall Square.

We’re a Seed-stage biotech company supported by exceptional biotech investors. We're creating tomorrow’s immunotherapies. Let’s do it together.

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